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*dusts off Community*

Well it's been a good, long time since we've gotten any use out of this LJ Code. *smile* First off, welcome berrybuzz, the first spawn on the list. I've decided to open it up to dependants in general, just to get another point of view on being seperated from loved ones.

As for myself...

I'm still hanging in. I've started school, and am looking for work, although seeing as that Jenn's home in May, that'll complicate things. We're going to be out of town for quite a bit of the month, and naked for pretty much the rest of it. Games aside of course. *wink*

My knees are getting really bad, and I'm going into the Balboa Clinic on Wednesday, to camp out and have them looked at. We suspect cartilage loss/damage.

But health aside, I'm lonely as hell and moping a-plenty for it, but beyond all that, I'm fine. *grin*

How's everyone else?
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