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Pam Curtis


I'm Pam and I live in Seattle, WA. My fiance lives in Ridgecrest, CA (middle of the Mojave desert) where he's currently stationed. He's an E5 in the Navy and an Avionics Tech. He's got another 5 years in the Navy, minimum (if he doesn't re-up). We usually get to see each other every 3 months, more frequently during the holidays, sometimes less frequently. We're currently in the middle of a 6 month stretch.

We're getting married June 2003, going to have a few weeks together on honeymoon, and then we go back to our respective places. It's going to be strange married and living in different states, but there isn't much call for my skills where he is, and I have a lot of debt to pay.

December 2003 he'll put in orders. At that point he'll either move to Whidby Island WA or we'll both go to Rota Spain. While both of those are good news, the bad news is he'll also be on det... so again with the 3-6 month apart thing and I've heard stints can go as long as 9 mos to a year...

I'm not sure what to do about him being on det and family planning. We both want children, but I'm worried about raising the kids alone. I'm frail enough healthwise as it is... but then we also haven't decided if he'll re-up. I don't want to put off the family too long.

So there's my current Military relationship in a nutshell.
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