Sandra (sandra_e) wrote in rlxp,

How'm I doing?

Up and down.

I heard from Nick Friday - he's in Basic, and I could tell by his voice that he was worn down. We only got to talk briefly, and even then only because he had to give me information on faxing stuff if we get an offer on our house. We went through all the details, then he talked briefly before his sergeant came back. When he got off the phone, I could tell he was about to cry.

I broke.

Then Monday, I heard from him again - he sounded much more like the Nick I know, happier, though a little reserved (as I would be in a room full of people!). He sounded stronger, and his strength gave me strength.

I love him more and more with every day that passes. I miss the HELL out of him.

One thing I can say - this experience certainly makes us BOTH stronger.
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